Not the Same Old (Jukebox) Song


The Jukebox, the greatest stand-up-storytelling-karaoke combo event in Brooklyn, is no stranger to the Tip Sheet. Each month a variety of performers get on the stage at Union Hall and each one performs a set based on a song, then sings that song for the crowd, karaoke-style, no holds barred. This week is a particularly hot ticket since it not only features Lizz Winstead (Daily Show co-creator and universally acknowledged comedy writing legend) and Victor Varnado (director of Tell All Your Friends: the Movie! and stand-up comedian whose set during 2011’s live WTF at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival was funny enough that I still remember it), but also Christian Finnegan (stand-up, original Best Week Ever pundit, and Chad from Chappelle’s Show “Mad” Real World’). If you don’t already know and love Finnegan get ready to have your mind blown by his ability to riff on absolutely nothing and turn it on its head. Ditto for Varnado’s rap skills honed through his signature bit “Hip Hop Challenge.” Tickets are $5 advance and available here. —VR

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