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Forget OKCupid’s CrazyBlindDate—pioneering theatermakers 600 Highwaymen are bringing instant connections to a new level with The Record, an hour-long, in-the-moment live performance event, described as “part theater, part dance, part visual art, part community meeting.” Thirty-five performers, many of them non-professionals from all over the city, will meet for the first time on stage, accompanied by a live soundscape. Founded in 2009, 600 Highwaymen has won acclaim for their celebrations of shared experience in unusual formats and venues. This time around, audiences have only four chances to join them, Feb. 13-Feb. 16 at The Invisible Dog Arts Center. (RSVP here; suggested donation is $15.) If you miss The Record, next week Invisible Dog will host two evenings of performance, video, dance parties and downtown personalities when the long-running series Catch joins forces with dance event-makers Aunts. Admission on Feb. 22 is free with a donation to the Free Bar; on Feb. 23, all tickets are $15 at the door, and include beer.–K.S.

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