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Brooklyn is awash in classes of every kind imaginable. You can learn how to cook an Indian feast one night, take a needpoint class the next and then improve your public speaking skills in yet another class. It’s an embarrassment of educational riches.

The one drawback is that sometimes it can be difficult to find classes that go deeper than a beginner or intermediate grasp on the subject matter. Even when the instructor is deeply knowledgable, there are often a wide variety of student skill sets, making advanced projects and professional level mastery difficult. And most of the time that’s fine–whether you’re in the kitchen or behind the sewing machine, sometimes all it takes is a little instruction to ignite your inner autodidact. But what if you want to really delve deep, whether for professional reasons or because you just learn better in a group setting? Well, 3rd Ward has you covered with their new ClassPacks.

In these new series you’ll move through either 9 or eleven weeks of classes with the same people, learning skills that build on one another each week. You could take these classes a la carte, but they’d cost you more, and with a ClassPack you’ll all be on the same page after the first class or two. You can choose from Web Design, Graphic Design, Jewelry, Metalworking and Woodworking. (Here at BB we’re crossing our fingers for a Sewing ClassPack later this year.)

When you sign up for 3rd Ward’s newsletter now,  you’ll be the first to read about new ClassPacks, regular classes and events, and you’ll be entered to win the ClassPack of your choice. Contest ends on Friday at 2pm, if you don’t hear from us then, make haste and sign up before Feb. 19, when registration for this new series closes. Don’t fear commitment to a future of mastery–ClassPack it!

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