The Best Way to Go


It’s strange, when you think of how many open hearts and drunken arms have embraced The Way Station, to realize that it’s only been with us for a couple of years. In a very short period of time, it’s become a bit of a local legend–partly because it feels like it’s been around forever and partly because even though it’s only been two years, it feels impossible to imagine Brooklyn nightlife without it. Plus, having the only Tardis bathroom, well, pretty much anywhere, doesn’t hurt its standing too much either. To celebrate their big day (and a renewed liquor license), they’re throwing a little shindig with music from old school, country-meets-blues singer songwriter Jake La Botz and The Salt Cracker Crazies, a jug-heavy skiffle band. Even without the tunes or jugs, it’s worth a trip just to order a Sonic Screwdriver from one of their legitimately awesome barstaff (I personally recommend the 10th Doctor), take a quick pic with the Tardis, and most importantly, give a toast of thanks and hope for many more years to come. –V.R.

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