Inside the Minds of 25 Artists


As the city gears up for Armory Arts Week, a show titled “Headscapes” in Long Island City promises to get you in the mood for truly fun, transformative art. Housed in a raw warehouse, the 25 artists involved–veterans of large-scale, immersive work like the Boatel and Empire Drive-In–will unveil installations that reflect the figurative place of mind they visit in order to create their art. You’ll be able to experience everything from an igloo built from speakers to a car theater to a kalediscopic lighthouse. Next door, presenting partner See.Me will showcase the artists’ prints, pictures, paintings, and sculptures, and throughout the three-week run, the space will host performances. See it when it opens this Saturday, 2–9pm, at 26-19 Jackson Ave., or Wednesdays–Sundays noon–6pm, through March 24.


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