Plan Ahead: Even More Big and Terrific


It’s no secret how big a fan I am of the Big Terrific, the weekly Wednesday night comedy show founded and co-hosted by Max Silvestri, Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate. I’ve stood behind pillars, hovered near trashcans, and braved an hour of gross PDA after snagging an elusive seat just to sit in on the consistently high quality sets at Cameo. And while the ever-changing lineup of feature performers is usually full of surprise comedic geniuses or genuine big names, it was always Jenny, Gabe and Max who I ended up enjoying the most, which is why, despite being happy for their successes, I was a bit heartbroken when Slate, then Liedman left for Los Angeles, leaving sole hosting duties to Silvestri.  So when all three recently announced on Twitter a super big, super terrific 5-year Anniversary Party at Music Hall of Williamsburg, where they’ll be reunited in a ticketed, special guest star-filled celebration on Friday, March 15, you can imagine how crazy excited and happy I was. Tickets are $15 advance/$20 day of, but are pretty much guaranteed to sell out so plan head and buy now or risk big, un-terrific disappointment. Do you really want to miss out on this hot Bestie on Bestie action? –V.R.

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