Plan Ahead: Furry Friends Fundraiser


Beer for Beasts, the annual benefit for the Humane Society of New York happening at the Bell House on April 6, is pretty much my idea of a perfect day. Tickets tend to sell out quicker than Nic Cage when he’s offered a script with mediocre CGI and regrettable hairstyle choices. This year’s tickets went on sale last Friday–only about a third of them are left and the lists of beers, food and entertainment haven’t even been announced! Years past have featured samples of experimental, one-off brews with ingredients like Mast Brothers cocoa husks, Kaffir lime leaves and sweet potatoes, as well as food from Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Mexicue, Dub Pies, Big Gay Ice Cream, Morris Grilled Cheese and Calexico. Needless to say, I am securing my spot for either the day or the night session this week, and I urge you to join me before it’s too late.–K.H.

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