Three Things To Do Tonight: Be a Beer Snob, Listen to Scottish Grunge Rock and Draw Some Drag Queens



Drag queens make great models for Drink-N-Draw on Tuesday nights at This ‘N That.

Brooklyn is home to some seriously crafty people, and when they put that creativity to use home brewing their own beers, we all win. Head over to Union Hall at 7pm for the latest round of The Knights of Bruklyn Homebrewer’s Sentry. It sounds like a secret society started by fathers in Fort Greene, but in actuality, it’s a competition to crown the best home brewer in Brooklyn. The finale isn’t until June, so for now while the judges winnow down the entries, you can just drink samples of 15 different brews for free.

PAWS is in town from Glasglow and performing with Dinowalrus tonight at Glasslands. If you’re in the mood to hear Scottish garage and experimental electronic music all in one night, the show starts at 8:30pm and tickets are $10.

If yours is the kind of artistic talent that only improves with alcohol, check out Drink ‘N Draw tonight at This ‘N That. You supply the colored pencils, charcoal and pads of paper and this Williamsburg lounge supplies the “drag queens and kings, muscle boys, fetish models, burlesque dancers, circus freaks, theatrical performers, rock stars and other fascinating subjects” to serve as muses. DND starts at TNT tonight at 7pm.

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