Pick of the Fanfics


If you’re not a secret super nerd/DL-Internet addict, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of websites like Topless Robot or their under the radar features like Fanfiction Friday. You’ve probably been missing out on the truly brain cell torching–but 110 percent worth it–cross-genre, world-traversing, what-medication-could-have-induced-this world of erotic fan fiction, which can range from PG silliness to the literary version of what would happen if Howard Stern and Comic Con got drunk one night together after hours. To rectify this absence in everyone’s life, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, a regular show at the Nerdist in Los Angeles that has been imported to Union Hall, is happening this week with 10 different comedians like Dan St. Germain and Leah Bonnema writing and performing their fanfics, often based on audience suggestions. Tickets are available here, and it’s probably going to be the least sexy, absolutely funniest event all week.

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