Five Questions, One Drawing: Tornike “Toko” Shenegelia



In our series, Five Questions, One Drawing, artist Steven Weinberg interviews and draws a well known Brooklynite each month. Today we present you with Brooklyn Net, Tornike “Toko” Shenegelia. We really wanted to find a Net who not only plays basketball in Brooklyn, but also lives here. Toko, who is a rookie and originally from the country of Georgia, fits the bill more than anyone else on the squad. He had an extended stay with cousins in Bensonhurst when Hurricane Sandy flooded the Nets’ practice facility in East Rutherford, N.J. and they were practicing at the Barclays Center.

When you’re hanging out with your relatives in Bensonhurt, is there a spot you like to go to with them?
We just like to go with the family at home or sometimes we go see a movie or have a dinner. We try to try pretty much everything since this is my first time here, and I don’t want to just stick to just once place. I’m trying to see what’s best and then maybe I choose just one.

You commute to the Barclays Center by train/bike/car/walk/other? Why?
Sometimes car service. Or sometimes my friend just drops me off.

If you were to live in Brooklyn, is there one part of the whole borough you’d want to live in?
I just know this part here where the [Barclays Center] is and Bensonhurst. I don’t know much so much. So, it’s okay, like I don’t know what’s possible in Brooklyn.

If you would take somebody out on a date in Brooklyn what would you take them out to do?
Well I already have a girlfriend, so I’m pretty much like settled down.

(Oh perfect, so where do you guys go out?)
Oh, if it’s a dinner then probably Nobu place is a pretty good place. Or try some different stuff. [Editor’s note: yes, we and Toko both know Nobu is not in Brooklyn. He just really likes it and that’s his go-to date spot.]

How are home games in Brooklyn different from games you’ve played in other places?
In Europe it’s big difference I would say. For instance some of the team fans just stand the whole game and sing and dance, and it doesn’t stop. They would be throwing coins and everything on the court. So, pretty much crazy, crazier fans than we have here.

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