Break Through With Aputumpu


With the fitting slogan: “Amazing is about to hit, and it’s gonna be heavy awesome,” Aputumpu Fest 2013 is a showcase of more than 20 of Brooklyn’s emerging bands, DJs and musicians, at various stages of making names for themselves, who will perform at venues on both sides of the East River over the next three days. There really are shows for every taste: Thursday at Cameo has an impressive set seemingly themed: “never-going-to-fit-in-any-box artists on the verge of really breaking” that include psychadelic synthpop darlings Psychic Twin and Silent Drape Runners, who’s getting as solid a rep for its song-based electro as it is for its themed dance parties that are so legendary fans aren’t satisfied until they’re brought back, zombie style. If you’re hungry for more, hedge your bets at Public Assembly where punk and electronic showcases will share the same space on Friday night (but different stages) and split the difference. Click here to check out the full line up, but remember the sweetest part of this musical fruit—you can pay per show or get a festival pass that admits you to everything for just $30.

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