Here’s Looking at You, Kid


The arrival of spring means it’s time to ditch the red wine and bourbon neat; get out of your apartment; and get back to sipping cocktails like a civilized person. Luckily, Monday marks the beginning of a great opportunity to do just that: the DeKalb Classic, a cocktail competition where you get to decide the winner. For the entire month of April, bartenders at five of the best watering holes on DeKalb Avenue–Chez Oskar, Roman’s, Cornerstone Bar, Dino’s and Madiba–will be shaking, stirring and mixing up signature cocktails they created in the hopes of winning the crown of Best Cocktail & Bartender. A $50 ticket gets you one of each quaff and the chance to vote on your favorite.  Given the price-point of a decent cocktail these days, you will save your hard-earned cash and also be entered in a drawing for a free dinner–25 percent of the proceeds will be donated back to the neighborhood through the Pratt Area Community Council.

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