Sign up for Well+Good to Win a Serious Juicer


Financial advisor-types are fond of recommending that your cut out your morning latte and drink coffee at home to save money. What would they make of that $6- (or $8 or $10) a pop green juice habit you’ve cultivated?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve teamed up with Well+Good to give you a chance to win a sweet Breville juicer (worth $350), and save those juice dollars for something else.

Well+Good is one of our favorite wellness sites and their daily email is downright addictive. Whether you’re looking for a new workout, researching the best shoe for the new interval training class you’re obsessed with, or seeking out non-hysterical nutrition advice, you’ll find it on Well+Good. Plus, tons of great juice recipes for that new juicer.

Sign up now and you’ll be entered to win and you’ll receive a free download of 10 Creative Quinoa Recipes from Healthy Celeb Chefs. Even if you’re already a fan of nature’s strangest grain, this will re-inspire you in the kitchen. And, you’ll get a daily email that clues you in to a healthier, more vibrant life without breaking a sweat.



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