In the continuing celebration of all things adorkable, there’s a nerdy newcomer that’s practically guaranteed to lighten your midweek mood—Choirfly–the city’s premiere “geek-a-pella” group. With the surprise success of Pitch Perfect and of course, the pioneering efforts of Andy Bernard, it was really only a matter of time before a cappella broke through our pop culture consciousness. Choirfly now shares the limelight with comic book aficionados, hardcore video gamers and other former fringe misfits. With songs about everything from professional piracy to Kermit the Frog to LARPing (live action role playing), Choirfly has a tune for the nerd at heart in all of us. You can check out its sweet vocal styling and dope harmonizing free of charge this Wednesday at the nerd nirvana-cum-oasis, the Way Station.

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