Get Schooled on Springfield


Ever since it won the Sitcom Smackdown on Vulture a few weeks ago, The Simpsons has been back on my radar in a major way. The comparatively weak episodes of the past decade or so and the ascendance of inferior knockoffs like Family Guy (in my opinion, anyway) has made it too easy to forget how completely original and utterly hilarious Matt Groening’s weird cartoon for adults was when it was in its prime. If you are the type who quotes Troy McClure on a regular basis or who knows all the words to the Dr. Zaius song from the Planet of the Apes musical, Berry Park’s monthly Simpsons Trivia Night is your chance to finally put that useless knowledge to work. The questions are exclusively about the episodes from the ’90s (a.k.a “the good years”), three of which will be screened for everyone to watch. Entry is $10 per team (with a maximum of 6 players) and $5 if you want to roll solo.-K.H.

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