Can’t Beat the Cheat


Scrabble is the kind of game that goes from leisurely pastime to cutthroat takedown at the drop of a Z. Just try to slip in a made-up word the next time you sit down with a serious Scrabbler if you don’t believe us—the rules are ironclad and enforced with Soup Nazi strictness. But on one magical day each year, 826NYC throws Scrabble for Cheaters for masters and newbies alike. It’s an elimination-style, timed, competitive Scrabble tournament, where teams compete against one another for charity, and the money raised by each “buys” special cheats to help them advance. Every year the event includes celebrities helping out the cause, and this year Michael Showalter, John Hodgman and Peter Dinklage (that’s Tyrion Lannister to you) will smack down their vocabulary prowess. Pre-registration is a must and costs $50. Each team needs to raise $200 to compete, with all proceeds benefiting 826NYC and NYC public schools. Get your game on before it’s too late!

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