Where Laptops Go to Die


If you read that recent article about the tons of old computer monitors and TVs piling up inside California recycling centers because they can’t find anyone who will take these lead-filled relics off their hands, much less actually recycle them, rest assured, our e-waste is being handled by a much more capable company. This Sunday, when you bring your old and weary laptops, cell phones and assorted electronic ephemera to the southwest corner of Prospect Park for the Department of Sanitation’s Safe Disposal event, it will head to the Massachusetts branch of Electronic Recyclers International, Inc., the “only recycler in the U.S. that provides in-house, e-waste shredding, glass cleaning and electronics disposition,” a DSNY spokesperson told us. There are many more hazardous items you can let go of, too. Details on what you can bring, where and when, here.

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