Get Moon Struck


Mixing stand up with other forms of comedic entertainment is a tricky business—without a clear theme or cohesive structure, things fall apart fast. (I’ll never forget seeing all-around-comedian Zach Galifankis bomb like he was dropped from a plane—during the height of his Hangover popularity—with a set that would have killed in a club but didn’t because it was at a music festival). Despite the difficulty, variety’s done well regularly at Union Pool when The Moon performs its monthly residency. If you have doubts (and I did), the Moonkids have supplied a list of New York’s funniest people telling you you’re wrong and why. This month has the reliably awesome Union Street Preservation Society and pedigreed-but-under-the-radar stand ups like Mike O’Brien, whose stellar webseries 7 Minutes in Heaven is the reason why you won’t get any work done for the next hour. —VR

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