De-Stress Thyself, Brooklynite, and Treat Your Allergies, Too


Acupuncture is one of those things that’s easy to be skeptical of until you actually try it. One session often turns skeptics into believers–who then insist their friends and family give the ancient practice a try. Garden Acupuncture in Park Slope is dedicated to helping us balance our hectic urban lives using Chinese medicine, herbs and acupuncture, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. They can help you form a holistic plan to feel calmer and more relaxed, to wake up feeling energetic and actively healthy each day. Garden Acupuncture also specializes in healthy weight loss and treating infertility and allergies–which may be of particular interest as Brooklyn’s trees and shrubs erupt into blossoms. Mention Brooklyn Based when you call to make an allergy appointment and your initial consultation, examination and treatment will cost just $100 (usually $130). Call (646) 234-3643 or book online.

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