The Good, The Bad and The Western Movie Marathon


Jared Moshe is an accomplished New York producer with such credits as Kurt Cobain About a SonSilver Tongues and Beautiful Losers. His directorial debut, Dead Man’s Burden, a Western set in New Mexico after the Civil War, is about a struggling young family battling to keep its land out of the hands of a mining company. Moshe had his cast and crew watch the movies that inspired him most before filming. This Monday Videology is screening all of these films, with a 9pm showing of Dead Man’s Burden, and Moshe and the film’s star David Call will be in attendance. See John Wayne in The Searchers; Sergio Leone’s classic spaghetti western Once Upon A Time In The West; and Clint Eastwood as a retired gunslinger in Unforgiven. Anyone who sits through the entire movie marathon, which starts at noon, receives a DVD prize package from Cinedigm/New Video. Did we mention this is free?

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