It’s In Your Genes


It’s no secret that Proteus Gowanus is rapidly becoming one of my fave spaces in Brooklyn — from catching backyard opera to wandering around the super-weird and super-tiny Morbid Anatomy Library, I’ve never had a trip there that didn’t blow my mind, impress me, or just creep me the heck out. Recently, I checked out their CUT/PASTE/GROW exhibition, featuring “bioart” (in partnership with DIY biotech lab Genspace and in-house exhibition space Observatory). It’s as strange as it sounds — art created using genetic manipulation and biotech innovations (a personal favorite was the artist who put DNA from his blood into an orchid, making the flower’s veins red.) As part of the show, they’ve been hosting authors who write about genetic innovation. This Tuesday, Jessica Wapner, author of The Philadelphia Chromosome, will be doing a talk about the eponymous chromosome, the cancer it causes, and the crazy cutting-edge way in which scientists used it in the first-ever treatment of cancer at the genetic level.–C.A.

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