Put Your Story to Work


If you want to tell the world about your work (or your fabulous lunch), you have a lot of free options. Whether people actually hear what you have to offer is another story, one of the millions we share each day.

Co.MISSION specializes in making stories that get heard. The branded content agency and production company, based in DUMBO, helps innovative companies gain recognition by creating short, moving videos–what they call ShareableBrandStories–that fuel businesses. And together with Brooklyn Based, they are inviting local Brooklyn businesses to enter to win a Co.MISSION-created video that will tell and spread your story!

Their small team in Brooklyn has built a global network of filmmakers for big brands, as well as local businesses like Quality Mending. (Check out the video below for a sense of Co.MISSION’s excellent work.)

The Quality Mending Co. (NYC) from Co.MISSION on Vimeo.

Co.MISSION has a huge passion for production and also creates personal projects whenever they have time. They recently launched a series of three videos to inspire businesses and entrepreneurs, including one based upon a lesser-known but very insightful quote by Steve Jobs. Check out all three here.

This is just a small sampling of the kind of work and attention Co.MISSION can bring to brands and big ideas. Tell us about your work to win a Co.MISSION video of your own.

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