Punk Rock Double Feature


Before N.W.A was saying fuck the police, Intrepidos Punks were already taking them out. Okay, not really, but in the movies. Get over to Spectacle this Saturday to catch the back-to-back screenings of Intrepidos Punks and its sequel La Venganza De Los Punks. Both movies were made in Mexico in the ’80s and feature a sexy apocalyptic biker gang of punks tearing up the neighborhood pushing drugs, motorcycle racing and killing off cops. The theme song, Intrepidos Punks, is also pretty amazing. What’s more punk than a fashion exhibit about punk at the Met? Well, a lot of things, but this back-to-back double feature is definitely one. Your $5 admission into La Venganza De Los Punks also scores you a free La Venganza pin of your choice.

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