I Don’t Understand the Question and I Won’t Respond to It


The only time the title of this tip is an appropriate response to a trivia question is when you’re competing in the Arrested Development Trivial Dispute at Skylark Bar. To celebrate the long-awaited return of the funniest TV show ever, Skylark’s usual pub quiz will be all about the Bluths, Gene Parmesan, Mr. F, Bob Loblaw and Ann Veal (who?) this week. Don’t make a huge mistake and miss it, or you’ll be sorrier than GOB was when he finally made the cover of Poof! Grab a team (and some Teamocil) and head over for trivia at 7pm followed by a screening of the first episode of Arrested Development’s new season at 9pm. Luckily, you have Monday off so you can stay up all night watching the rest of the season on Netflix. As always, Skylark will be serving top-notch food from the folks at Good Fork, but if you’re looking for a banger in the mouth (in American we call it sausage in the mouth) beforehand, check out nearby Fort Reno’s BBQ, Beer & Bluegrass party from 4–6pm for live music and $2 pints.

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