Day of the Undead


Pretend the apocalypse is upon us by participating in the seventh annual Zombie Crawl in Williamsburg. Do your best impersonation of an extra from The Walking Dead and make your way to the Knitting Factory at 3pm for the free zombie meetup to finish any last-minute touchups to your (faux) rotting flesh (or let a zombie technician do it for you starting at $5) before taking over Bedford Avenue for a morbid march to McCarren Park sure to scare the bejeezus out of late-afternoon brunchers. The undead afterparty starts at 8pm at Public Assembly and features music from Aurelio Voltaire, Xombie, Skeletal Life and Bikini Carwash, as well as a burlesque performance by the Rigor Mortis Revue. Tickets to the after party are $13 for the undead and $15 for anyone who sill looks like they’re living.

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