Summer of a Thousand Pages


David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus Infinite Jest is a book many of us want to read, or at least say we’ve read. But at more than 1,000 pages, and nearly as many endnotes as there are days in a year, it remains one of the most challenging contemporary novels.

I’ve often wished I was still a student and Infinite Jest was assigned reading, so I could discuss with peers and struggle through the complexities of Wallace’s prose with the guidance of an erudite professor. Well, Infinite Jest New York City is the next best thing. The summer book club will tackle Wallace’s beast–endnotes and all–at bi-weekly meetings in revolving locations, starting June 18 at 7:30pm at Madison Square Park. The group will adhere to the reading schedule laid out by Summer of Jest, a global online community with tips and references to help readers weave through the complicated novel.infinite-jest-cover

The local group has about a dozen members and growing, said organizer Jamie Quiroz.

“I’m a big believer in finding a community of readers, especially in a place as interesting as Brooklyn,” Quiroz said.

And Infinite Jest is an ideal selection for a group of eager bookworms.

“It really is an ambitious undertaking–like a half-marathon for asthmatics–so there’s a lot to be said for spirited discussions and fresh perspectives as we plug away, at a moderate pace.”

The group is open to anyone interested in the book, Quiroz said, “from the most fervent David Foster Wallace fans to first-time readers.” So go ahead: pick up a copy and read along.

Want to join in the discussion? Contact Jamie Quiroz at

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