Workshops to D.I.Y For


While canning and pickling in the comfort of our own kitchen has become more and more common, RJeneration reminds us that these do-it-yourself traditions have been embraced by many generations past. That’s why the Russian Jewish organization invites you to join them on Sunday, June 16, for the Meshugeneh House of DIY at Office Ops for a series of workshops ranging from the old-world to the new. Learn how to ferment sauerkraut and infuse vodka, or study body painting and, yes, tantra. Tickets are $20 (or $25 at the door) and get you into a full day of workshops (from 1:30-6:30pm), as well as the rooftop dance party with DJ Spinach that follows. Nosh on vegetarian fare from Two Tablespoons (including their take on borsch) and grilled cheese and banh mi sandwiches from Food Freaks. Sip vodka at the evening tasting from Moldovan distillery Exclusiv. Brush up on your Yiddish. It’s sure to be meshugeneh!

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