A Civilized Way to Get to the City


When I lived in Manhattan, it drove me bananas when Brooklyn friends would bitch and moan about “coming into the city on the weekend.” Now that I live here, of course I get it, and on a recent Sunday, I was dreading the trip to Chelsea to see an old friend who was visiting from out of town. It was a spectacular day–the kind where you want to spend every second outside–and the idea of being underground for even 20 minutes had no appeal. My trusty, rusty bike and the DUMBO ferry to the rescue! I had no idea that the East River Ferry has a free app you can use to check schedules and buy tickets (you just show your phone to the guy when you are boarding the boat–no need to print.) The process couldn’t have been easier, and I had 20 minutes to kill until my ferry arrived, so I stole over to the new Luke’s Lobster/No. 7 Subs stand for a broccoli sandwich (sounds gross, tastes amazing) on the pier before my scenic boat ride to Wall Street.–KH [Ed. Note/Shameless Plug: The ferry’s also a great way to get to The Total Long Island City Immersion next Saturday.]

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    That’s great I guess, but then don’t you still need to get on the subway to get from Wall Street to Chelsea?


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