Nitehawk Gets Naughty (Then Nice)


If you’re not escaping the city for the July 4th weekend fear not, there’s still plenty of fun to be had right here in Brooklyn. While most of the weekend will be designated to outdoor drinking, fireworks and grilling out, if rain clouds put a kibosh on your holiday plans or you just want to chill in some A/C for a while, head to Nighthawk for an after-hours screening of Hardbodies as part of its sexually charged film series Nitehawk Naughties. The film follows the ’80s escapades of three divorced dudes trying to get laid on a vacation to Cali and comes complete with all the one liners, high-cut bikinis, teased hair and Day-Glo attire you’d expect of a sex comedy from this era. The screening starts at 12:20am and tickets are for adults 18 or older only. If you’re looking for more kid-friendly fun, on Saturday and Sunday the cinema is screening Ghostbusters as part of a mini-retrospective on the works of Bill Murray. Brunch begins at 11:45am, and you can find tickets here (must be 13 or older to attend).

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