Theater Appreciation


Performance art shows have always been hit or miss for me–seeing Shelly Mars at Dixon Place (amazing); watching a man dance around a room full of lesbians in a slutty bumblebee costume while Flight of the Bumblebee played in the background (awkward); looking on while someone writhed around on a bed of broken glass at a loft in Bushwick (unnerving). The uncalibrated nature of the art form means you’ll never know what to expect from any given show, but that’s part of what I appreciate about the medium. Starting this weekend, 150 artists will perform in 11 spaces around Brooklyn as part of the first and only Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival. The festival officially kicks off on July 4, but the first major group show happens at Goodbye Blue Mondays at 2pm on Saturday, with 17 artists scheduled to perform over a 12-hour period. Find a full schedule of events and their locations here.–JG

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