Happy Fourth of July!


Happy Fourth of July! It’s really deep summer now. We’re off until Monday, but we’ll leave you for the long weekend with this amazing industrial film from the ’40s about the Raleigh bicycle factory, the BB Guide to Summer, and this interview with Brooklyn Hip-Hip Festival founder Wes Jackson, in which he tells us:

It’s my responsibility as a lover of hip-hop culture to make sure that people do not forget about EPMD or Redman or Big Daddy Kane or KRS-One or Ghostface Killah and think that the world started with Eminem and A$AP Rocky. I have a bit of a higher purpose to make sure that those brothers don’t wind up like some old blues legend, who’s sweeping floors in some club because he got hustled out of his own money and Led Zeppelin stole the song.

There’s also a killer, festival-inspired playlist, for all your Independence Day soundtrack needs. The festival starts on Wednesday, so get your tickets now.

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