A Skee-Ball Tourney For One and All


Did you spend your childhood summers honing your Skee-Ball skills at Coney Island or Asbury Park, collecting streams of tickets just to save up for that giant stuffed teddy bear that has since gone to the big stoop sale in the sky? Ever think these skills were for nought? Think again. Every Sunday at Full Circle Bar, Williamsburg’s resident Skee-Ball haven, rollers of all skill levels can play in a blind-draw doubles tournament, where $15 will get you a teammate, a can of Genesee Cream Ale and more high fives than a little league baseball team. The winning duo will share a $400 cash prize, and runners-up can win a bar tab. Arrive at 8pm to sign up (or email fullcirclebar@gmail.com to pre-register), and get in some free practice rolls before the tournament gets underway at 8:30pm. There’s a lot of cash on the line, but not a lot to lose.

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