Monday Fun Day at The Shanty


If you work in the service industry, freelance or just hate Saturday night crowds and drunken amateur antics, chances are you already tend toward mid-week nights out. If you don’t here’s a reason to start. On Mondays at The Shanty, the bar attached to New York Distilling Company, where Dorothy Parker and Perry’s Tot gin are made, happy hour lasts all night. From 6pm to midnight all drinks made with New York Distilling gin go for just $7. The Tot and Tonic, normally a steal at just $8, is hands down, the most powerful single drink (that isn’t a double shot) that you can order, pretty much anywhere. Perry’s Tot is a “Naval Strength” gin–made in the style that the British Navy used to enjoy, it clocks in at over 110 proof, and it’s delicious to boot. The Cannibal Corpse Reviver No. 2 comes highly recommended and the 700 Songs Gimlet is our favorite cocktail in Brooklyn. We won’t be held responsible for what happens after more than two of these high-octane, low-cost cocktails.

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