Animated Films That Keep It Short


[vimeo 45062726 w=640]

Nicholas Kallincos’ short film Re-Collection won Best Original Design at last year’s Animation Block Party.

If sitting through Pacific Rim at the neighborhood multiplex sounds as enticing as a $7 bucket of artificially-flavored popcorn, here’s a film festival for anyone whose attention span is in short supply. The 10th annual Animation Block Party kicks off this Thursday, July 25, at Music Hall of Williamsburg, with an opening-night concert featuring Adam Green and Binki Shapiro, as well as exclusive animation from Nickelodeon, Pixar and Cartoon Network. On Friday, July 26, head to the lawn at Greenpoint High School for Engineering and Automotive Technology (50 Bedford Ave.), where a $13 ticket gets you access to more than a dozen animated short films from independent, professional and student filmmakers. With film run-times at 10 minutes or less, moviegoers needn’t doze off mid-film or monitor RunPee (yes, there’s an app for that) for bathroom break-worthy scenes. This year’s films feature cosmonauts and wormholes, circuses and freak shows, as well as a unicorn with an umbrella for a horn. And if the films don’t entertain, then the after-party at Bar Matchless might make up for it.

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