The History of Heisenberg


Well, at this point the world is made up of two types of people: those who are obsessively counting down the days until the August 11 premiere of the final half-season of AMC’s Breaking Bad and those who missed the boat on this addictive and groundbreaking TV drama altogether. If you’re having a hard time waiting for the sure-to-be-bananas series wrap-up, you can get a head start this weekend at the opening of The Museum of the Moving Image’s new exhibition: From Mr. Chips to Scarface: Walter White’s Transformation in Breaking Bad.  The display, which runs until Oct. 27, will feature behind-the-scenes footage and key props and costumes such as the pink teddy bear, Walt’s copy of Leaves of Grass, and the tighty-whities from the pilot episode. If you never managed to squeeze a binge-watch of Walt and Jesse Pinkman’s adventures into your busy schedule, there is still time! In fact, the Film Society of Lincoln Center is making it very easy on you with its Long Cook: A Breaking Bad Marathon series. For five days starting Friday, the theater will screen the entire four and a half seasons of the show from beginning to end absolutely free, which pretty much means you have no excuse to not be 100 percent caught up by the time we all get thrust back in to the seedy world of cooking meth in suburban Albequerque yet again.

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