Behind the Soapmaking at Meow Meow Tweet


Meow Meow Tweet from Co.MISSION on Vimeo.

Meow Meow Tweet—the makers of all-natural body products who first brought us sweet-smelling soaps with adorable packaging, then deodorant cream, and now herbal bug repellant—is also the small business that won our contest with Co.MISSION this spring.

We put out the call for businesses to enter to win a video about their work, which Co.MISSION would film and edit, as they do for other local and global brands. When producer Zack Yanger singled out Meow Meow Tweet’s submission, he told them, “We can really envision your products, your beliefs, and your hand-crafted processes coming out beautifully on video.” And guess what? It did.

In the video, Tara Pelletier and Jeff Kurosaki, a couple in work and life, talk about their inspiration and artistic backgrounds, as they assemble key parts of their product line at the kitchen stove and in their Bushwick studio.

They don’t have a storefront, but you can find their soaps, soy candles, and summer-appropriate camper’s kit in these stores around the city.

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