Five Questions, One Drawing: Susan Povich


susan-povichSusan Povich, chief lobsterette at the Red Hook Lobster Pound, has lived in Red Hook since 1997. Her delicious shellfish, passion for lobster and outgoing personality have made her something of a local celebrity. She recently expanded her crustacean empire to Montauk

When you leave Brooklyn and come back what’s the first thing you do?

Check out our business in Red Hook because she is our baby! Usually this is followed by a cup of coffee made from Stumptown beans. If I have been away for awhile, a trip to Fairway is definitely in order and a bike ride to Paisanos Meat Market.

You commute by train/bike/car/walk/other? Why?

I ride my bike locally, as it is the fastest and most convenient way to get around. I drive my car to Manhattan in the off hours, if I can get parking. In the cooler weather I have been known to drive five blocks.

How many different places have you lived in Brooklyn? Which is your favorite?

Only one, in Red Hook.

What’s your ideal Brooklyn date?

Dinner at Buttermilk Channel, Pok Pok, Frankies or Prime Meats, whichever is easier to get into that night, followed by an awesome comedy show at Union Hall or the Bell House, preferably the Eugene Mirman Festival. A late night drink at Ice House, then eight hours of sleep.

Both lobstermen and Brooklynites have a reputation for being tough. Which would win in a fight? How would it go down?

The tough guy thing is an act on both ends that can be overcome with charm and a six pack!

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