Elusive Author Amy Hempel in the Flesh at Franklin Park


The Collected Stories of Amy HempelI recently read an interview between author and journalist Amy Hempel and Paul Winner for the Paris Review in which Hempel summed up her relationship to writing thusly: “I live in so many sentences.” It is, in a sentence, the perfect description for her style of short stories. If her writing is anywhere near as impressive in person as it is in print, I can only imagine her reading on Aug. 12 as part of Franklin Park‘s monthly series is not to be missed. Public appearances by the author are rare occurrences, so be sure to arrive early and expect a crowd. Hempel will read from her collected works and be joined by fellow authors Matthew Savoca (I Don’t Know I Said), Corey Zeller (Man Vs. Sky), Nicole Audrey Spector (Fifty Shades of Dorian Gray and Phil Spector offspring) and Rebecca Schiff (Guernica and n+1).–JG

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