The End of An Era at Bar 4


Photo: Matt Occhuizzo

Before it shutters for good, Bar 4 is hosting its final LC Fest this week with over 50 of the best local indie outfits and musicians like Gillian Visco, who performed at last year’s LC Fest  set to perform over five days. Photo: Matt Occhuizzo

If you haven’t already heard the sad news, the venerable Bar 4, which has been a South Slope institution since it first opened its doors 14 years ago, is closing next week. Although this is undeniably a blow to the area and to the local independent music scene, there is at least time for the bar to host one more LC Fest. The 7th annual showcase of top-notch, local, independent acts  is sponsored as always by Local Correspondents, a Brooklyn-based indie arts community. The line-up is huge, spans four nights and includes free sets from as many as 50 musicians and bands, culminating in one final Bar 4 Open Mic on Aug. 13. You can catch YouTube clips of most of the scheduled performers here if you are trying to decide which night(s) to attend. With stellar spots like Thistle Hill Tavern, Applewood, Talde and Gather all within a few blocks, you can supplement your live music binge with a dinner to write home about.

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