Don’t Worry, Be Crabby


Photo courtesy of roboppy via Flickr

Stop by Pork Slope on Wednesday night for a seriously good crab boil before it, like the last days of summer, is over. Photo: roboppy via Flickr

The end of the summer is rapidly approaching and you still haven’t made it to the beach or gone to a Cyclones game or done any of the other stuff you swore you’d finally get to this year. If going to a crab boil was on your list though, Pork Slope has got you covered in a big way. Fresh off an appearance on Iron Chef earlier this week, Dale Talde and friends will be slinging blue crabs, Andouille sausage, corn, potatoes and lemon butter on Wednesday night starting at 5pm. Six crabs and all the fixins’ will run you $28 (a dozen can be had for $54), but the requisite ice cold beer to wash it all down will cost extra, as will the insanely good nachos that you might feel compelled to order off the regular menu–they come on a cookie sheet! The Wednesday night crab boil has been going on all month, but like the long, sunny days of summer, its time is limited. Make sure it’s not another thing that falls by the wayside and get there this week.

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