Truffle Shuffle to Fort Greene


the-gooniesThe only thing I truly miss about owning a TV is being able to wake up on the weekends to find cult films from the eighties playing on repeat. I could lose entire Sundays to a John Hughes’ movie marathon–it’s just an experience Netflix can’t recreate. If you, like me, are in the mood for a little nostalgia, make your way to Habana Outpost for its final outdoor film screening of the summer–The Goonies. Grab an ear of corn and eat your heart out while watching a young Josh Brolin do his best dumb jock/older brother impression; Martha Plimpton reminding us all how seriously talented she was even back then wearing ridiculously oversized eyewear; or Cory Feldman when he was still that cute, wise-cracking kid we all secretly wished was our best friend because he could get away with saying things to adults we never could. I wanted to be a Goonie growing up, and part of me still does–who wouldn’t want to discover a treasure map rummaging through their attic that leads them and their best friends on a wild adventure for treasure that involves belly rolls, disfigured friendly giants, a freezer full of ice cream and pirate ships? Movie starts at 8. –JG

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