Lessons for the Jew in All of Us


Photo: URJ

Photo: URJ

An Eat, Pray, Love-like quest for meaning requires a lot of plane tickets. Why not stay close to home and explore a religion that’s inextricably woven into the fabric of New York? The modern Jewish take on spirituality, values and community could be the perfect cure for your curiosity, even if you’re not a member of the tribe yourself. A Taste of Judaism… Are You Curious? is a three-session free course that delves into the basic Jewish ideas and how they’re related to our contemporary lives. There is no typical participant–everyone from unaffiliated Jews who don’t feel that they know much about their religion, adult children of interfaith couples, non-Jews who are interested in learning more about Judaism, and partners in interfaith relationships join the classes, offered in Brooklyn, Union Square and the Upper East Side, starting in early October. Space is limited so register today at reformjudaism.org/taste/newyork, or contact Cantor Caitlin Bromberg, cbromberg@urj.org for more information.

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