Sweat it Out Then Drink Up–Beastanetics at The Cobra Club


Beastenetics2-490x634Brooklyn is home to lots of yoga studios and lots of bars, but as far as I know, just one yoga studio-bar combo–The Cobra Club in Bushwick. On Thursday evenings they take a break from downward facing dog and offer Beastanetics from 7:30 to 8:30–trust me, this is a match made in heaven. Beastanetics is a high intensity workout that takes your fitness level from couch potato to super energized in a few short weeks. But it’s also really goofy and fun–this is a class where you’re likely to share some giggles with the person doing squat jumps next to you. You do four sets each of six different exercises–jumps, skips, sprints and the occasional burpee–then upper body and core conditioning and stretches. Happy hour lasts until 9pm, so after you’ve sweated it out, drink up ($4 drafts, $2 off well drinks) with your new beast buddies. –AG

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