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Choose from an array of healthy, seasonal recipes to whip up at home at Park Slope's Walk-In Cookbook. Photo by Kate Hooker.

Choose from an array of healthy, seasonal recipes to whip up at home at Park Slope’s Walk-In Cookbook. Photo: Kate Hooker

As eagle-eyed BB readers might recall, I’m always looking for ways to make weeknight cooking at home easier and less time-consuming, so I was pretty psyched when I happened upon The Walk-In Cookbook during a casual stroll down Seventh Avenue last weekend. In a new twist on the dinner-in-a-box craze, which was pioneered here by Brooklyn-based businesses like Blue Apron, Quinciple, Chefday and What’s For Sup, this month-old establishment has an actual storefront where you can choose from among several rotating recipes and pick up all of the pre-measured ingredients in a snap. The space is clean and well-organized for maximum efficiency, and the quality of the meats and produce is top-notch. Also, there is a limited grocery section where you can grab chips or a pint of ice cream to round out your dinner. So, you could basically decide to have a dinner party on the way home from work and be serving up a gourmet, multi-course meal less than an hour later. Could The Walk-In Cookbook make your life any easier? Apparently yes–they are planning to roll out delivery in the near future. –K.H.

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  1. April -

    This is so frigging awesome. I owe my family a bunch of dinners and even though I’m not close, I would totally hop on the B or the Q for this. I can’t believe how the world is changing so. I know I’m going overboard here lol, but I’m truly grateful and intrigued for something like this to exist and for BB to putting me on. Thank you BB!


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