A Loaf of Bread, She Wolf Bakery and You


When you eat or drink at Diner, Marlow and Sons or Romans there’s an almost obsessive hand-crafted quality to the food. The ketchup and mustard that comes with a Diner burger is house made, as are the bitters that go into your Manhattan and the butter on your bread, which was baked by She Wolf Bakery, which began as an experiment, making bread at Romans for staff meals. She Wolf now bakes daily in a commissary kitchen, supplying bread to all the restaurants and to Marlow and Daughters. Or, order online to pick up daily at Romans, or on Tuesday evenings at Achilles Heel in Greenpoint. After claiming a loaf in Greenpoint last night I went to Eastern District and bought a burrata and a soft, gooey wedge of Bent River, a Camembert-like cheese from Minnesota. My husband and I were supposed to go out to dinner, so I thought I’d save it for lunch today. Instead, we stood in the kitchen and devoured more than half the loaf on the spot. The She Wolf sourdough ($6) is chewy and tangy with a gorgeous crust–they only deliver 30 loaves a week to Achilles Heel, so sign up for your loaf now.

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