Howl at The Moon With Human@Ease


Human@Ease is celebrating its three-year anniversary with a Mad Hatters Howling Moon Tea Party. No need to diet ahead of a Halloween candy binge here because the fitness center has got your fix of healthy treats and detox tonics this Friday the 18th. A Tricked Out Treats Potluck should satisfy that sweet tooth, and the non-teetotalers in attendance can get their party buzz from Mad Hatter’s Tea Toddies or Vampire’s Bloody Punch. Prepare to monster mash to the sounds of Iggy Carson and the Zensuality Dancers and Drummers (who offer clothing optional dance and yoga classes at Warshaw Dance Studio and whose site is NSFW). Don’t forget a costume–it’s gonna be a full moon after all. Advanced tickets are $13 and admission is only $7 at the door if you bring a dish. (There are some restrictions, so call in advance for an okay.) What’s it gonna be then, trick or treat?

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