Meet the Queen of Buttermilk



Diane St. Clair is a dairy goddess. At her family farm in Orwell, VT, called Animal Farm, cleverly enough, she milks a herd of grass-fed herd of Jersey cows–known for producing milk with insanely high butterfat content. Chefs around the country have made a pilgrimage of sorts to St. Clair, seeking out the immensely flavorful butter and buttermilk that she makes from her herd’s milk. This Saturday you only have to travel to Ardesia Wine Bar (yes, it’s across the river in Hell’s Kitchen) to meet St. Clair, score a copy of her new book. The Animal Farm Buttermilk Cookbook and chow down, not on overly sweet Halloween candy, but on a three-course, buttermilk-driven tasting menu (which includes shrimp and grits, a buttermilk bechamel and what we’re guessing is a killer green goddess dressing) paired with wines. Tickets for the Saxelby Cheese sponsored event are $75 and you can bet that no one there will be dressed as a slutty farm girl, naughty nurse or sexy cheesemonger.

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