A Farmer’s Market (and a Party), at Your Fingertips


BK_Launch_Producer_PhotoIf you are a lover of the beautiful produce at the farmer’s market, but just can’t handle the lollygaggers, stroller jam-ups and dudes with clipboards asking you about your electric bill, then you need to know about Good Eggs. The farm-to-fridge service has been quietly ramping up its Brooklyn presence over the past few months, and their official launch party is in Greenpoint this Sunday. In addition to local fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs and meat, Good Eggs delivers bread and other baked goods, prepared foods and staples like granola, honey and coffee, all from local producers. The party promises small bites from dozens of companies working with them, including Pie Corps, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, Pelzer’s Pretzels, Brooklyn Winery and Nordic Bakery, and there will also be oysters from Village Fishmongers and pasta from Sfoglini. Tickets are $5 and get you entrance to the shindig and all the tastes and sips you can handle. Oh, and they’re throwing a proper welcome party with a brass band and everything, so wear your dancing shoes.

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