Brooklyn and California, a Perfect Pairing


9781607743002It’s old news that Brooklyn is home to artisan everything, the epicenter of farm-to-table dining and the dark wood-edison bulb interiors that go along with all that kale, farro and heritage pork. At this point though, despite the rooftop farms and hydroponic marvels popping up around the borough, we just don’t have the terroir to grow Brooklyn grapes and create the perfect pairing. It’s time to look to California, to the young winemakers there who are producing an exciting new world of American wines that get away from all that fruit and oak we’ve come to associate with the Golden State. On Friday night from 6-8pm, Jon Bonne, author of The New California Wine will be signing books and talking about the recent revolution among young winemakers in California at Vine Wine. Dan Petroski of Massican, and Matthew Rorick of Forlorn Hope, two of the subjects of the book, will be pouring their wines, so you can taste what Bonne is talking about. The event is free, and there will be snacks.

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  1. Whitney Beaman -

    The urban landscape of Brooklyn may not retain the land to produce premium wine grapes, but the other end of Long Island sure does! Wineries and vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island, such as Bedell Cellars, have been making premium wines of the aforementioned style for decades, with delicate and complex flavors, crisp acidity, low alcohol, and gentle oak.


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