Chill Out at the Brooklyn Chili Takedown


It’s that time of year again where the chill in your bones can only be cured by two things: chili and booze. Well, what perfect planning on the part of Matt Timms, the creator of the Brooklyn Chili Takedown, as the 11th annual chili competition hits The Bell House this Sunday, Nov. 17. Have a taste of 30 different mouth scalding, yet delicious recipes, and vote alongside guest judges for your favorite bowl. Each amateur chef will present his/her own chili with a unique name. Last year gave us Monty’s Bitchin’ Panty Removing Fertility Chili, Porkin’ Pernily and the people’s choice award winner, Melissa’s Atomic Korea Chili Bath–take a dip in that! Tickets are $15, get yours now.

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